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  • Asian Green City Index

    Asian Green City Index

    Singapore is Asia's greenest metropolis, according to the Asian Green City Index, a study commissioned by Siemens and performed by the independent Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). For the study, the EIU analyzed the environmental and climate protection goals and achievements of 22 major Asian cities. Singapore stands out in particular for its ambitious environmental goals and its efficient approach to achieving them. Environmental awareness and climate protection guidelines are also playing increasingly important roles in other Asian cities. The Asian Green City Index supports cities’ efforts to expand their infrastructures for sustainable development. Siemens wants to enable Asia's up-and-coming urban centers to achieve healthy growth rates coupled with a high quality of life.

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  • Sustainable cities

    Sustainable Development for Urban Infrastructures

    Sustainable development for urban infrastructures: Cities are the growth drivers of the future, but they also account for the largest share of CO2 emissions. Our unique environmental portfolio makes Siemens the perfect partner for sustainable urban development.

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  • A better quality of life for Mumbai

    Sustainability Report

    We provide information on infrastructure solutions for developing Mumbai. Find out how investments in transport have benefited the vibrant metropolis.

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  • A village transformed

    Pictures of the Future: A village transformed

    A small hamlet in India’s Western Ghats mountain range has taken the first step toward integrated,self-sustaining development. The village’s achievements offer hope for thousands of other off-grid people around the world who have no access to health, education, water, or electricity facilities.

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  • Green Cities

    Pictures of the Future, Special Edition: Green Cities

    Siemens is an active global provider of infrastructure services that help urban development move toward the goal of generating zero CO2 emissions.

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  • Industry Journal – Metropolitan Solutions

    Industry Journal – Metropolitan Solutions

    In this special “Metropolitan Solutions” issue of our regularly published Industry Journal, we provide information on topics related to urbanization, mobility, green and smart buildings, and water. It includes articles on sustainable planning for cities and urban development.

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  • Urban development in India

    Pictures of the Future: Urban development in India

    Rich and poor meet in Mumbai, which has over 14 million inhabitants. The city will have to embrace holistic concepts in order to achieve sustainable development. Siemens has a lot to offer.

    Pictures of the Future:
    Urban development in India
  • India plugs into an efficient future

    Pictures of the Future: India plugs into an efficient future

    New HVDC lines are carrying electricity over long distances, with minimal losses, helping to provide an efficient power supply to villages across India.

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  • Contact for Sustainable Development
    Pranav Patil Siemens India Send a message
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