Sustainable development for urban areas

Any Indian urban agglomeration needs an efficient infrastructure and smart city planning that will meet the demands of a growing population. Providing access to healthcare and drinking water, a reliable power supply and public transportation are some of the key elements for sustainable urban development.

India is booming and sustainable development becomes increasingly more important: According to a United Nations report, India’s population currently encompasses about 1.2 billion people and is expected to grow by another 300 million within the next couple of decades. With cities generating two-thirds of the country’s economic output, an increasing number of Indians are leaving rural areas to seek employment in cities, relying on an efficient urban infrastructure. By 2030 it is predicted that 68 Indian cities will each have more than one million inhabitants, and six megacities, more than ten million each. The rapid growth of cities causes a large number of challenges, including insufficient power supply, unreliable public transportation systems and limited access to adequate medical treatment.

  • Sustainable power supply

    Power supply for sustainable development

    A sustainable power supply can be achieved with energy efficient power plants and renewables like wind energy.

    Power supply
  • Public urban transportation in India

    Safer public transportation

    Metro trains, suburban railways and other public transportation systems play a major role in the sustainable development of cities.

  • Total Building Solutions

    Urban infrastructure

    Green and smart buildings are important elements of sustainable urban infrastructure development and help ensure comfort and security.

  • SOMATOM Perspective

    Accessible medical treatment for all

    Access to affordable medical treatment is vital for livable cities and rural areas alike.

    Medical treatment
  • Sustainable cities roadshow: Indo-German Urban Mela Tour

    Sustainable cities roadshow

    Siemens showcases latest technologies for sustainable urban development at the multicity Indo-German Urban Mela Tour.

    Sustainable cities roadshow

To meet the challenges of continuing growth without destroying the environment, smart city planning for sustainable development is crucial. Siemens is a leading participant in the dynamic and sustainable growth of cities as well as infrastructure investments. Our Infrastructure & Cities Sector focuses on integrating green technologies and providing tailored solutions for power supply, transportation and urban infrastructure to support sustainable urban development.

  • Contact for Sustainable Development
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